The Teaching Programme

“Specific Methods for Teaching Dyslexics”

The Teaching Course is run annually during the last three weeks of July.

The programme is based on the work of Dr Samuel Orton, Anna Gillingham and Bessie Stillman.  According to Dr Orton, a major hurdle in learning to read is the necessity of establishing a firm and consistent association between a visually presented symbol and it's auditory component. Orton advocated the use of all sensory pathways to reinforce weak memory patterns and to strengthen all pathways.

The programme used was developed by Kathleen Hickey and is used at the Dyslexia Institute, U K.  In the light of research into memory and learning styles the programme has been further evolved to include these ideas while still adhering faithfully to the students’ literacy needs.

The programme used by the Dyslexia Association proceeds slowly in small steps, provides immediate feedback, and is multi-sensory in its presentation.  In each case there is much practice and review until the skills become automatic thus freeing the student to concentrate on understanding.  The programme is suitable for teaching children as well as adults.

The Course Includes

  • assessments for teachers
  • multi-sensory teaching of reading, handwriting and spelling
  • perception, sequencing, listening skills and phonological awareness
  • language skills, story writing, comprehension
  • help in the classroom, lesson planning
  • the language of number
  • and meta-cognition.

Emphasis is on practical work and there is ample opportunity to practise the techniques learnt, as children come in to be taught during the last two weeks.

The course is limited to 22 participants and is ideal for teachers who can work with small groups in a remedial setting.

Application forms are mailed out in April.  Contact us at 625-5869 or send a stamped, addressed envelope to;


The Dyslexia Association
Teaching Course
31 Alberto Street, Woodbrook
Port of Spain
Trinidad, West Indies

The Association constantly seeks funding for Training and periodically runs courses conducted by visiting lecturers from the U K and the U S.  For courses click Notice Board